What is <Code>Digital?

CodeDigital is a portfolio website which I (Xavier Travers) will use to display different projects that I feel are noteworthy. While it will house some fun games to mess around with, I also intend to share it with potential employers as well. If you feel like I may be the right fit for your team, feel free to read about me below.

Mainly you will see projects I have worked on in Javascript, using the p5js library which can be found at Sometimes I will also include other works I have produced (such as music). A good starting point would be my Amazing Clock #1 project, an aesthetically pleasing redesign of a clock.

Another aim of mine is to publish "Weblog" posts on this website with topics ranging from a more in-depth look at a project I've worked on to a form of article about my findings (and perhaps even touching on my personal opinions at some points). To get started, my article on the transition of the website between two different platforms may prove an interesting read.

Who is Xavier Travers?

I am a ## Year old with "design-focused" programming experience. I have completed the IB Diploma, sporting an international education (Belgium, Thailand at the Bangkok Patana School and Indonesia at the Jakarta Intercultural School). I am an Australian citizen, but only moved to Melbourne in August 2017. I am Able to speak/read/write in English and French and speak/read in Polish.

While recently I have mainly been working on Javascript projects, I do have experience using the likes of Python, LUA and Java. I have found that my interest gravitates towards projects with visual feedback and interactivity, leading me to believe that I work with a primary focus on the user experience and design.

Currently I am looking for part time work whilst I study and would be more than happy to take up any role just to gain experience programming in a business environment. Please feel free to contact me with any offers!

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The Making of the Site

Oh my, was this website a total pain to create. I had to learn React from scratch, only to learn that I couldn't use it the way I wanted. Despite all that, I cherish the learning experience. I now have a good mid-level understanding of React, and have a website as proof. The source code can be viewed on github. Technically, it isn't even close to complete, yet. I will keep adding to it as I develop more fun stuff and continue to explore new concepts.